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Life Update

June 21, 2018




I have been truly horrid about my website. I am going to change that. I used to update my website religiously. But when things changed and became outdated, well I got out of the habit. Plus with all of the other social media things.. you understand.


I just discovered that I can add my Instagram feed... it is in the menu above! WOOT! That is pretty cool. I don't know a lot about WIX. But I learn a little more each time I play with it.


Work is going as usual. I started a mailchimp which I am also horrid at keeping up with. I used to do it another way but not everyone was getting my emails. So I may explore Wix for my emails because it might be easier to keep track of.


You can always find me on Facebook. I am most active there. But I will be fitting some time in every week for my website too.


My newest doll is on eBay now. Khaleesi! Plus I have a little Monster High and a Big Figs Wonder Woman... I have paintings as well in etsy.


I started a Patreon Page and I am making more You Tube videos. You can find my videos by clicking the link at the top menu.. I might not have all of the videos here but you can go to you tube and find them there.  Also I will add my Patreon link in the menu bar if you would like to support me or learn how to do what I do.


Thank you for over 18 years of support!


XOXO  Laurie

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