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Laurie Leigh - Beautiful Faces

My name is Laurie Leigh and I live on the East Coast of Florida. I have always been artistically inclined, and I have been a fashion doll-artist since 2000.


I discovered the doll repainting world after I had found some success in watercolor fantasy art. My sister sent me an article about Renee Coughlin of One and Only Dolls. I was mesmerized and knew I had found my calling.

The first doll art I created was fantasy OOAK (one of a kind) fairies andmermaids out of 12” fashion dolls. It seemed the natural course to take since I had been painting fairies and mermaids in watercolor. I am a cosmetologist/makeup artist by trade, so repainting and hair come very naturally to me, and I discovered quickly that I enjoyed that aspect of fashion doll art. I decided to try my hand at repainting a few 12” fashion dolls as celebrities and had quite a bit of success with them. I also discovered celebrity repainting was something I really love to do. My first was an Elizabeth Taylor and I then several other Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood. When I received my first Gene Marshall doll by Mel Odom, I immediately knew she was Rose from the movie 'Titanic'.


The celebrity repaints I've created propelled me in the world of repainting. Although celebrity repaints are my 'bread and butter', I always love to go back to my fantasy art roots and create my imaginary creatures.


More recently I have been pushing the boundaries with new techniques for shading and contouring. I also make wigs or reroot dolls, make clothing and sculpt pieces to go with my dolls and very often I must resculpt a doll face to look more like the person.


I love expressing my passion for what I do. It can be all-consuming when an idea hits me to recreate a commissioned person or movie/tv character.


Mastering my craft is something I strive for. I look back at those first dolls I created and marvel at how far I have come. I always feel I can learn and improve with every doll I paint.

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