Life, Art, You Tube and Everything Else....


So this is just a little life update. I might make a you tube video of one later on but for now... this will do.

So last year I got married to my long time love, Paul. Yay! If you know me, you already know that.

As an artist I have been exploring everything I love. The Repaint Society was something big a couple of other artists and I started together a few years ago and that pushed me to try new things I normally wouldn't, which was fun.

Right now I am working on commissions and trying out different dolls to repaint. Monster High dolls are adorable and I love them. I painted an Animator's Collection Belle. I loved working with the bigger face. Barbies and Big Figs. Just whatever I can get my hands on.

I also started to really concentrate on my You Tube Channel and adding new content. And I also took my DVD lessons into digital only.

Then there are the mermaids and painting. I miss painting mermaids so I have been fitting them in here and there. Mostly after my doll work in done. I have been exploring different mediums. I bought a set of oil paints and I am still on the fence about those. Working with acrylic has always been something I love but blending is so hard. I have watched endless you tube videos on it and I think I have it! Also watercolor painting as always been a love of mine.

I have moved a lot of things to the Etsy shop. Ebay has grown so big and I feel lost in there. Also, the fees are growing constantly. It is kind of sad because eBay was where I started and I loved it so much.

Another thing I have done is started a daily planner. This has been so useful for me in just making goals and being grateful. It is a new daily habit that I love to do.

And my husband and I got Fitbits and we are getting our workouts in a cutting sugar. Gotta get that healthy stuff in!

So my life update is done for now. I will more than likely make a video of it too. This little Monster High up above is waiting for new arms and an outfit. Well she has her arms now but she still needs that outfit!

I hope you have an amazing day!

HUGS, Laurie

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