Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus

Creating this doll was so fun for me. I wanted to get it as close to the actual costume as possible.

I started with a rose gold satin for her bodice and overlaid it with burgundy and purple tulle. I still wasn't happy with the color so I had dyed it to darken it up a bit. Then I embroidered all of the vines and flowers and light beading. I added the sleeves in dark burgundy cheese cloth.

So the shirt was next and I had an impossible time finding the front red panel. I literally made four versions before I settled on this. I had to create a pattern on the fabric to simulate the look of the original. I used red metallic thread. Nothing would hand right, had the right color or pattern. Fortunately, the gold and purple fabric worked great.

However, lining all the fabrics was hard and also took many tries to get it right.

The bloomers came together so nice. They have me a break. And her stockings I was able to hand dye the right color.

The cape also took me several tries. But I eventually got what I wanted. My new sewing machine makes patterns and I used that to my advantage when creating this costume.

Her beaded purse was something I love to do. I have no idea how many beads front and back but it turned out pretty.

For the broom I was sitting outside with my husband in our backyard and I noticed some branches and immediately thought... witches broom! So I walked around and picked up some nice ones and sanded it down and created her broom.

Once the broom was made it occurred to me she would need a custom stand that would help her hold her broom. So I modified a doll stand and sculpted a new base with her name sculpted in it and also made it sturdy for her to stand in a position so her one leg slightly stands out further than the other.

The doll is a Never on Time Gina doll from Tonner Doll Company. I rooted in a new part for her and gave her smoky eye makeup and red lips, plus Sarah Jessica Parker's signature mole. The repaint always takes layers and layers to achieve the right depth and quality.

I am not gonna lie... I teared up a little when I stood her up on her stand, totally complete. In person she is so much better, as most dolls are.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Winnie will be next! XOXO

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